…for such a time as this

Stories about the adventure that is Peace Corps Tonga

You know you’re in Peace Corps Tonga when……

….your PCV friends buy you a new kettle because you can’t handle sharing your old one with the neighbors anymore

….one of your duties at the governor’s office is to write letters convincing NZ immigration that Ha’apain visa applicants won’t over stay their visas

….you haven’t paid a monthly payment for anything in two years

….your neighbors can’t afford to feed their kids dinner, but they can buy a second car for $2500TOP (about $1700USD)

….the 4th and final term of the school year consists of 5 weeks of instruction, 2 weeks of final exams and 7 weeks of graduation ceremony “practice”

….you’ve lost 75 pounds in two years

…..(refer to above) you don’t have a single thing to wear to Thanksgiving because all of your clothes in Tonga have holes and stains and none of your clothes in America will fit you

….at St. Joseph’s prom, the moms and younger brothers and sisters come to watch

….the thought of new technology scares you

….you don’t know what the # sign in front of words on facebook means

….you still experience cockroaches on your face, this time they made a home on the inside of your sunglasses lens


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