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Camp Glow Ha’apai Update

My Peace Corps Partnership Proposal (PCCP) has been taken off of the Peace Corps website! Thank you for all of the support! We raised 2,597.50 USD! We are still about $600 short. So, if you’d like to donate, please get in contact with me and we’ll get the money to to the camp.

With the budget shortfall, we are adjusting our camp plans. But, I am happy to report that we will still have 25 girls come to the camp!

This week we are meeting all of the form 3 girls and helping them to fill out the application. They are asked for personal information and to write an essay. The essay questions are: “If you were the town officer of your village, what would you do differently?” and “If you were the principal of your school, what would you do differently?” I can’t wait to read their responses. Then we’ll meet with the principals to choose the girls. We’ll know all of our campers by Friday!

We will be having a Kalapu next Friday night (a kava fundraiser) where my counselors, some girl Japanese volunteers, Blair and I will serve kava until the wee hours of the morning. Not my favorite way to spend a Friday evening….all for the camp!!! We should be able to raise a significant amount of money and hopefully close the gap a bit on our shortfall.

We will be choosing our “Model Mammas” soon. These are women in the community who have jobs and are role-models. We ask them to take one or two of the campers for a few hours to explain what they do. We ask them to allow the girls to see what a normal day in their office looks like. The manager of the bank has already agreed, as well as one of the secretaries at the governor’s office. It’s coming together nicely.

Again, thank you for all of your support. There are going to soon be a lot of happy campers.


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