…for such a time as this

Stories about the adventure that is Peace Corps Tonga

You know you’re a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ha’apai, Tonga….2nd edition

1. You spend the night on the high school roof because of a 3 foot tsunami.

2. The gas can in your new house leaks; the priest uses something like silly putty to fix it.

3. Your neighbor borrows your salt every other day, but you don’t mind.

4. An egg literally explodes in your hand when making pancakes. (Our eggs come from New Zealand on a ferry and then sit on shelves in our stores …unrefrigerated).

5. The guy you are dating decides he wants to be a priest and forgets to tell you.

6. Someone asks you to write a reference letter for a loan they are requesting from the bank. Their collateral is their 10 cows, worth $5,000.

7. You are going to Fiji on your school break and going to the beach is not on the agenda. Taking hot showers and sleeping in a clean bed are.

8. You no longer ask for anything but food to come in your care packages.

9. The sound of the waves at night get a little on your nerves, they are always there.

10. You eat the ants that are in your food, it doesn’t matter any more.

11. You can’t believe that this experience is going to end in a short 8 months.


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