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Stories about the adventure that is Peace Corps Tonga

Bit by a Molokau

Well, I went almost 10 months without being bitten by one of these nasty guys…until last night. I was watching a movie with a friend when he got bit. He jumped up and wasn’t sure what it was that had bit him. The bite had two marks, something I hadn’t seen before. About a half hour later, I felt a SHARP pain on my hip. I jumped up, immediately felt faint and nauseous and had to sit back down…I had been bit also. We still didn’t know what had bit us. A few minutes later (I am reeling in pain!), we see the molokau (centipede) walking across the mat in front of us. Sila hit it with his bare hand 6 or 7 times, I had jumped up at this point and when I figured out what was happening, threw him my flip-flop. He continued to hit it and it finally died. I was so shaky after that, that I went home. The area got red and puffy and the pain was relentless. I took some tylenol and benadryl and tried to sleep. I woke up still in pain.

The pain has subsided a bit, but I am now terrified of coming in contact with one of those again!



  Luke wrote @

Yeah. I’ve seen those in the Philippines. It must be a centipede week, as I just saw one in my own apartment here in Seoul. Gross!

  Courtney wrote @


First of all I miss you and our little every so often chats. I am glad to hear that you are doing well, even if you get bit every now I then. I want you to know that I think of you and pray for you often. I know that the work that you are doing is not only meaningful to the people you meet but also to the Lord. I am so proud of you and can’t wait to hear more of your adventures. Thank you for being my friend. Courtney.

P.S. In case you haven’t heard I am expecting a baby, due in December. I don’t know the gender yet, but I will keep you informed.

  Sione wrote @

Sila is the man. Bare handed!

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