…for such a time as this

Stories about the adventure that is Peace Corps Tonga

You know you’re a PCV in Ha’apai when…..

1. You get a package from mom & dad that is wet inside. Most things are fine but the candy is wet…you eat it anyway.

2. The post office doesn’t receive mail for 3 weeks because the boat isn’t running (go figure!)

3. You see a cockroach in your room and it doesn’t phase you.

4. It takes over 24 hours to download an episode of HBO’s “Big Love.” (Help!)

5. You write an assignement on the blackboard as sweat is pouring down your face….in February.

6. You feel like crying when you find lettuce (official salad count of Tonga: 4 salads in 5 months)

7. You can feel a mosquito start to bite you and you brush it off (you have also stopped scratching all bites).

8. You get boils on your legs and aren’t too worried about it.

9. You use mosquito coils in your room that specifically state “Not for indoor use.”

10. You ration things like cheese, wine and veggies because you don’t know when you’ll see them again.


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  Charissa wrote @

haha…love you jules!!! what a great adventure 🙂

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