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Stealing is Okay??

Ok, I had to post what happened at the governor’s office yesterday….

I was in the back room helping a co-worker with some antivirus stuff. I hear my phone beep, telling me that I have a text message. I didn’t think much of it, I would check it when I was done. I finish what I was doing and walk back to my desk. There is a man there holding my phone. When he sees me walking in, he puts the phone back on my desk. I pick it up and find out that he has transferred $4 from my phone to his. (Our phones are pay as you go). I couldn’t believe it! Some random stranger that I have never met just picked up my phone and stole $4! When I told him that he needed to give it back, he “couldn’t.” I was so angry. Someone from the other room came in to find out what was going on. I explained and they demanded that the money be returned to my phone (it’s all through text messaging). He finally got it to work but only transferred $3 of the $4 he took! I guess it costs .50 to transfer so he didn’t have enough to give me my full amount back.

Moral of the story: 1. NEVER leave phone unattended! 2. Teach my students that stealing is wrong!


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  Mary wrote @

Unfortunately, you do have to remember you are in a foreign country and they know it and sadly some people like to take advantage of the “good” people! Thankfully it was only $4. I just had an issue that I used my credit card via a fax for something at work and I now have an unauthorized charge on my credit card of $6,500. Citibank is checking it out, but it really sucks all the trouble I had to go through….cancelling my card, etc. because of someone elses dishonesty!!!

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