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My Site: St. Joseph’s College, Pangai, Ha’apai

On December 17th, I flew from Tongatapu to Pangai, Ha’apai. I live and work at St. Joseph’s Community College. It is a Catholic High School (they call them colleges here) where I will be teaching English and some business classes. I live in the Convent on the school grounds with 2 nuns. 2 priests live next door. The school has given me a lovely bed room with a twin bed, table, sink with running cold water and wardrobe to keep my clothes in. They have also given me a living room with 5 chairs, a mat and a bookcase. Both rooms are freshly painted, have mosquito netting on the windows (that open and close!) and new karpeti (plastic floor covering). My bedroom door locks from the inside and out and my window serves as an emergency exit in case of fire. I have use of a full kitchen with a stove, oven, refrigerator, deep freezer, microwave and hand mixer (I have already baked cookies with some of my students!). I have to say though that the best thing in my house…by far…is the HOT shower! Of the 25 new volunteers, I believe that 2 of us have hot running water in our homes. Most people get to take bucket baths every day, I am so thankful for this luxury.



  Catherine Torrance wrote @

Hey Juleigh girl, Merry Christmas! So good to see your pictures!

  Brooke Bouton wrote @

Sounds like you are having an unforgetable time! I’m so glad thatl you are getting this experience. I hope the holidays were enjoyable despite the distance from family!

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