…for such a time as this

Stories about the adventure that is Peace Corps Tonga


From the 4th of December until the 8th, we moved out of our host family homes and were attached to various current volunteers in Tonga. I was attached to Alicia in Ha’apai with the other trainees Alyssa and Dominica. We enjoyed a few days of relaxing, cooking great food (with food items from Fiji like brown sugar and chocolate chips!), talking about what being a volunteer is like and processing our homestay experience. This was my favorite part of training. I am a practical person, I like to know what things are actually going to be like, and this helped immensely. We also spent one day on the uninhabited island of U’oleva. We enjoyed relaxing, swimming and snorkeling.
We returned to Tongatapu on the 8th to take our language exam, finish up some training sessions on safety, be sworn in as volunteers and shop, shop, shop! Peace Corps gives each new volunteer a settling in allowance. No, it is not enough to buy everything you need to put your house together, but it’s a good start. All 25 of us were sworn in on December 16th, we took the oath and prepared to leave the next day for our sites. Our group is spread out over several islands, Tongatapu, Eua, Vava’u, Ha’apai (where I am) and a couple outer islands. In Tongatapu, I spent most of my settling in allowance on household items, a pink bike and food. There is food in Ha’apai, but not many choices. Tongatapu has much more available, so I stocked up.


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